Bon Voyage

It’s almost the weekend!  For those of you in the NYC area, consider a weekend getaway to Montauk.  We’ll give you the how to, but getting there is up to you!


Hop on the Hampton Jitney, there are multiple pick up points throughout Manhattan.  Hint: Ride in style on the Jitney Ambassador Class.  Less people, extra legroom, free snacks, why not? *Make a reservation to guarantee your spot.  Travel time: 2.5 hours- 3.5 hours (Depends on day and time.  If you’re leaving on Friday afternoon, opt for the train.)


From Penn Station, take the Montauk line.  Kick back and relax, it’s a three hour ride to the end of the tracks.  No stress about traffic jams, just bring a book and your headphones and you’re good to go.  There are 5 trips daily, check out the schedule here.


If you have your own set of wheels, take the LIE to Route 27 East.  Avoid rush hour, unless bumper to bumper traffic is your thing.  The back roads are tricky so don’t get too ambitious, there’s only one way in and one way out.

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